Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here comes the Sun... There goes the snow!

This week we were tempted with springlike weather. Most of the week was above freezing and most of the snow has melted. Although, this coming week it's supposed to be cold again. Oh well... We enjoyed it while it lasted.

Monday was Valentine's Day. We have some friends that have a tradition of going to a new pizza place every Valentine's day. So we decided to start the tradition this year. We ate a delicious pizza at Silver Beach Pizza and then Dairy Queen afterwards. All in all a very good Valentine's day!

We were so excited about the pizza we couldn't even wait to take a picture.

Tuesday, Maglee got to get of the house and enjoy her walk.
The leftovers of our igloo

 Wednesday, I went bowling for Girl's Night. 





 Thursday, Matt and I just relaxed and hung out at home!

Friday, Maglee got to enjoy two of her favorite things... napping on a down comforter and in the sun!

Saturday, we enjoyed hanging out with friends and taking Maglee and Laela on a walk in the field. They both got baths when we got home, because they were covered in mud from the melted snow.

 Today (Sunday), Matt and I enjoyed working together doing some data entry!

Overall a very fun week! I did get some running in too. Just a few weeks away from the Holy Half. I only did 4 miles today, because it started raining on me. Freezing temperatures and raining are not good for a girl recovering from a cold. 

My parents are coming this week to visit. I'm super excited about all the fun we have planned!

Proverbs 16:15 The Message
Good-tempered leaders invigorate lives; they're like spring rain and sunshine.

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  1. I saw you running down 31 this morning as I was headed home from my workout and I was feeling so bad for you out there in that sleet. I wanted to to pick you up and make you some tea!

    But 4 miles! Way to go, Jennifer! That's a big accomplishment considering how nasty the weather was.