Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Let's do this!!

  Let me first start out saying... I'm tired! The last couple of weeks of training for Rev3 Anderson have been wearing on me. I will be excited when I don't have to drag myself out of bed to go on a long ride or run. 
  A couple of days ago, Matt and I took a trip up to Anderson, SC to ride the course for my race. We wanted to see if it was what we expected. The night before Matt's mom came down to watch the baby for us while we rode the next day. We left the morning of and drove the hour drive to the Darwin Wright Park. Isn't that awesome that the race is only one hour away? We unloaded the bikes and hopped on the course. Within the first couple of miles there is a decent climb, but overall the climbs aren't necessarily more than we were expecting. Overall the course is good and is going to be a beautiful ride. My preview ride of the course was rough, mostly because the course is not marked, has lots of turns on back roads, which made us stop several times, and it was HOT! I hope it starts to cool down before race day. Because riding 56 miles and following it up with a half marathon in 90* weather is not really ideal for me. I followed the ride up with a 2 mile brick run in the park (not on the run course). The ride was rough, but the run made up for it. The run gave me the confidence I was looking for. Now all I have to do is run 11.1 more miles.
I was running, even though in this picture it looks like a walk. :)

  As the week continues, so does my training. Yesterday, I did a long swim, which was just average. Then today I did another 10 mile run. This was the worst run I've had in weeks. But the good news is I ran the whole thing, no walking. Again it was hot, and I didn't have enough water. I was so exhausted this afternoon, the baby and I took a two hour nap. I don't think I have gotten a nap that good in a very long time! 
  More good new is... I'm only planning on doing TWO more 10 mile runs and 55 mile rides! I'll do a long ride and run next week, then vacation week, another long ride and run week, and the a rest/taper week. Now that's exciting!!! Race day is coming! The thing that keeps me going is running across that finish line with my husband and carrying my baby.
  Thanks to everyone for asking about training and giving me encouragement!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm married to an IRONMAN!

  A huge milestone stone has happened in my husband's life in the last week and a half. And although he did turn 30 last Friday that is not the milestone I'm talking about. Matt completed his first Ironman. I am so proud of him. It is such an awesome accomplishment. It was a long day for all of us, even though Caffrey and I didn't race. I could give you all the details I remember, but my husband says it so much better. If you haven't already read it, check out his race reports from the swimbike, and run
Matt & our buddy Josh after completing Ironman Louisville

  So since Ironman Louisville Matt has been taking it pretty easy as far as training goes, and he totally deserves it. But I on the other hand have not. I've got my first 70.3 coming up in five and a half weeks. After spectating at a 140.6 event, it makes me nervous about my 70.3, even though it's half the distance. I will say that this will not be the fastest 70.3 out there. My goal is to finish before the cut off. First of all, I am not a fast triathlete to begin with, and second I have a nine month other baby that is exclusively breastfed which takes precedence over my longer workouts. So in other words a lot of my workouts are geared around the baby and Matt's schedule. It's pretty exciting to look back over the last three weeks to see what I've been able to get accomplished in my training schedule. I've been able to ride a 48 mile and 50 mile outdoors and run 10 miles three times. I've done a couple longer swims, but I've been trying to put more time in on my rides and runs, because that is where I believe I can improve the most. 
Just after registering for Rev3 Anderson

  I'm excited to see what I can accomplish in the next couple of weeks. Here I come Revolution 3 Anderson 70.3!!