Saturday, October 26, 2013

Half Rev3 Anderson SC Recap

So two weeks ago, I did a half ironman distance race. Wow! I can't believe it's already been two weeks. I wanted to write this race report awhile ago, but things have been a little crazy in the Smith house. Four days after my race the baby and I flew to Colorado for my cousin's wedding. Then we were both welcomed home with sickness. Now that I have recovered from my race and my trip to Colorado, it's time to share about my race before it's old news.

The week before the race, I took it easy. I rode my bike trainer for about 2 hours Monday, 4 mile run on Tuesday, and 3 mile run on Thursday. Throughout the whole week I was pretty chill and not too nervous about race day. On Friday night my brother and sister-in-law arrived. We had our church retreat on Saturday, which ended up being a good thing. I was pretty distracted with my family coming into town and get the details together for the church retreat. Then on Saturday afternoon after lunch, I had a friend ask me how I was feeling. That's when it hit me. Reality set in. Ahhhh! I was about to embark on the longest day of exercise I had experienced yet.

Matt, Baby C, and my brother, Trevor headed to Anderson for packet pick up and to drop off my bike. The first stop once we reached Anderson was the Civic Center (where Transition 2 was located) for packet pickup and the athlete meeting. No surprises there. Everything that was mentioned in the meeting I had already read in the athlete guide. After the athlete meeting we headed over to the Multi-Sport Ministries. There was a group of about 10 people. We gathered for a short devotional thought and prayer time. I mistakenly raised my hand for a prayer request. Almost immediately I started crying. I just turned into a blubby mess. How embarrassing!

Enjoying the Athlete Meeting with my Little Buddy
Transition 2 the day before the race
The next thing on the list was bike check-in at Darwin Wright Park (Swim & Transition 1). Everything was nice and smooth. After dropping my bike off and checking out the swim exit, we were headed home.

She's ready to ride!
When we got home, I was beginning to get more and more nervous. I finished getting all my race gear together and bagged. Then I crawled into bed. I have to add that I have to sweetest husband that slept in the other room with the baby monitor so I could get a better night sleep. (He also did this Friday night. What a guy!)

Race Day arrived very early the next morning. I attempted to eat some eggs for breakfast and jumped in the car as soon we could. Baby C did so great. We transitioned him to the carseat, and he slept to whole way to Anderson. The car ride was no problem with one quick nervous stop at a rest stop before arriving at the race.

First stop was Transition 2. I set up all my running gear, and we were off to Transition 1. Matt found a great parking spot at a church parking lot across the street from the park. I headed to my bike, got the tires pumped up, and set up all my biking gear. I had a great spot in both transitions, right on the aisle.

The waiting game began.... But before we knew it was 7:30am, time to nurse the baby. One of the things I was most nervous about was nursing/ not nursing all day. Now looking back I don't think it could have gone any better.
I think I was the only triathlete that morning nursing. :)
After nursing I slipped into my wetsuit. We headed over to the swim start. My parents and brother and sister-in-law arrived. I took a quick dip in the water to adjust to the temperature.
One happy triathlon family
After some tears were shed, it was race time and I jumped in the water. I took it nice and easy. No rushing. I felt very comfortable in the water. My wetsuit and goggles fit just right. The temperature of the water was great, not too cold or too hot with the wetsuit. I seriously felt like this swim would never end. We swam around a peninsula with four red buoys. Finally I saw the shoreline. The end was in sight. My swim cap started to come off, but no problem. I just ripped it off as I was approaching the shore. I got out of the water at 46:35. Right on target! I got out the water and chit-chatted with my family in transition as I was setting up to head out on the bike. With T1 at 5:21 (also right on what I had planned). Then it was time for a bike ride.
Ready to ride
I was excited to get out on the bike. This was a great course. Absolutely beautiful with nice rolling hills! At first was surrounded by other riders. I was quickly being passed by the Olympic collegiate racers. It was really nice the first 10-12 miles with all the other riders. But then I was out on my own as the Olympic course went right and the Half stayed straight. Occasionally other athletes would come a go. Then at mile 30, I stopped my family out on the course. I was so excited to see them! The ride continued. While I was out there, I started wondering if I was the last one out there. But I wasn't I even passed a few people out on the course. My nutrition and water was great, just enough but not too much. I finished up with 13.5 mph. I was really satisfied with that, because I was estimating 13 mph. I will say that I have never been so excited to get off my bike!
Mile 30
It felt so good to come around the corner to see Transition 2. I got off my bike and got ready for my run. Then headed to the porta-potty. My legs felt good. As I headed out of transition, I joined lots of people on their second lap. I just kept going. I ran the entire first lap. As I was finishing up my first lap I got some major chaffing. Matt ran to the car and met me with some Tri-Slide as I was starting my second lap. After that it was smooth sailing. I walked with Matt up a hill close to Transition but then started to pick it up again. I continued to run until about mile 11, where I started to walk occasionally just because. I felt really good about my overall time, and I knew I was going to make it under my 8 hour goal. So I decided to be a little bit more comfortable. As I approached the last aid station, the volunteers asked me what I needed and I yelled out, "the finish line". I was so close! For the last quarter mile Matt ran with me carrying the baby. Then we saw the finish line. I grabbed the baby and ran through the finishers.
Starting the second lap with Matt and a granola bar

Finishing the race with my favorites!

My finish time was 7:48:30. I was very satisfied. My goal was 8 hours. I did it!!! What a transformation from a year ago. Pretty crazy that I was able to complete this race just 10 months after having a baby. Thanks so much for all the support!!

Colleen, my hero, and fellow triathlon mom

Family cheerleaders

I big special thanks to Matthew!! There is no way that I could have done this without you. What a great year this year has been!

Thanks so much to my brother, Trevor, and sister-in-law, Wyntre, Colleen and Abby, and my parents for making the trek up to Anderson to cheer my on!!!!

Since race day, I haven't really been working out, but who knows what the future holds!


  1. You already know that I'm super proud of you, but I'll say it again! You did great out there and I'm so happy that I was able to come and see you finish! Congrats girl! xoxo

  2. Huge congrats to you! Such an awesome accomplishment on its own made even more impressive having just had a baby.