Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better!

  The Smith family has been enjoying some fun adventures recently. I have a lot to catch up on, seeing that it's been a month since I've written a blog. 

  Since we moved into our house last summer, we have been chugging away on some home projects. We knew when we bought the house that we wanted to put some work into it. Last year we did some projects like painting the whole inside of the house, new carpet everywhere, and concrete countertops in the kitchen. But in the last month and a half we have really been doing more. Matt fenced in our backyard, thanks to Tom and Colleen for the supplies. Maglee has really been enjoying the back yard. We also bought new blinds, put up a tile backsplash in the kitchen, new lighting in the kitchen, resealed our counter tops, and started improving the landscaping in the frontyard. Check out Matt's blog for more details and pictures. We still have long ways to go, but I am loving the improvements.

  We also had Baby C's 3 month pictures taken last month. He is getting so big and becoming so much more interactive. 

My sweet baby boy
  We are really enjoying living in Atlanta. One of the fun things we've been able to enjoy is Stone Mountain. So far we have only made it up the mountain one time, but we got a season pass. There are lots of other trails there too, besides the one to the top of the mountain, that allows dogs. This is also a potential place to bike and run.

Hangin' with my buddies in Stone Mountain State Park
 This past month we also joined the Collins Hill Aquatic Center. This is an awesome pool. We only got a two person family membership, since we'll mainly use it for swimming laps. But we can take Baby C too, we'll just have to pay $3 every time. There's an awesome indoor pool perfect for lap swimming and an fun outdoor pool with slides and fun stuff.

  Another first this past month was leaving Baby C for a full day. Even though I am not working right now, I am keeping my dental hygiene license current. To keep it current, I have to do my continuing education. There is a great dental conference that comes to Atlanta every year, The Hinman Dental Conference. Fortunately Matt was able to stay home with Baby C. I'm nursing so this was a little bit to juggle. I have a new respect for nursing working moms that have to pump while at work. So I managed to pump while I was at the conference and kept my handy breast pump by my side. (By the way... May I recommend the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. It's great!!! It doesn't obviously look like a breast pump which was nice, since I had to carry it around the whole time. It also can plug in the wall or battery power, which was nice since most bathroom stalls don't have an power outlet.) While I was at the conference I got to see some friends from dental hygiene school.

  Last week Baby C got to meet two of his cousins and aunts for the first time. We took a trip up to Grandy and Mimi's house (my parents) and met up with Aunt Jenn, Aunt Juli, Cousin Raleigh, and Cousin Daisy. Baby C had so much fun watching his cousins. He's not used to being around so much action. While we were up there I got to clean some teeth too. That was fun!! 

Baby C & Cousin Raleigh
Baby C & Cousin Daisy
Aunt Jenn is holding Baby C while I clean her teeth
  Today was Baby C's first day out in the bike trailer. Matt pulled him, and I followed behind. We only did 13 miles, but it was so much fun! This was great practice for us before we try out the Silver Comet next week when the weather is supposed to be awesomely warm.

Just after our bike ride
My Biking Buddies

  One more thing... Today I met my Weight Watchers goal weight. I am super excited I am now a current Lifetime member. This means that I can continue using Weight Watchers online tracking system, if i weigh in every month and stay within two pounds of my goal weight. I also found out some other great news when I went to weigh in today. If you become a Lifetime member and then become pregnant, you get the first three months free after having a baby. So I got all my money back from doing Weight Watchers, since I did it in three months. I can't say enough good things about Weight Watchers. It is an awesome weight loss program and has now worked for me twice (before and after a baby).

  Sorry for the long post! Hope y'all get the beautiful spring weather that we are enjoying here in Georgia.


  1. Yay - tons of exciting updates!!!!

    The house looks amazing. We love coming over and seeing what new projects you two have completed! And I'm so glad that you were able to get to that conference. Sounds like it was good for you to see some old friends and I'm sure Matt and Caffrey bonded! :)

    Love that you went biking with the little man. We're going to have to get all the pointers from you. And you look amazing! Congrats on hitting lifetime again!

  2. Love the pics!!

    Congrats on the weight loss! That is awesome!