Monday, February 11, 2013

Out and About

  Recently I've been trying to venture out with Baby C more often. When Baby C was 4 weeks old we went to Daytona Beach, but I felt like I was just trapped in the hotel room the whole time. When we got back I attempted to go to church, but I got there late and left early. Since then I have been much more successful. Two weeks ago my brother, Trevor, and his wife, Wyntre came to visit for the weekend. I decided that I was going to attempt to go to church again. I woke up on Saturday morning and made it to church (only a few minutes late).  We even stayed for lunch following the service.

Hangin' with Uncle Trevor after church

Baby C loves being with his Aunt Wyntre.
  A week ago Matt had the opportunity to speak for a high school spiritual retreat at Cohutta Springs Youth Camp. I was really looking forward to it, because I love Cohutta Springs, and it's great to see Matt to connect with youth. The whole weekend went so well. Matt spoke on Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon. I was so excited that Baby C and I were able to make it to all three of the meetings. It was also pretty exciting, because Baby C got to see his first snow.

  Things are continuing to get easier and easier as far as getting out of the house. This past Saturday we made it to Sabbath School (the equivalent to Sunday school) and church. After church we stayed for lunch again and a meeting afterwards. At lunch one of the little boys was making funny faces at Baby C. Then he said, "His eyes look like blueberries." I thought that was too cute. Then I thought they really do look like blueberries. 

  Even though we love to get out of the house, we love visitors too. Matt's parents, Grandpa and Grammie, dropped in for a visit on Thursday. Our good friends Josh and Brittany were visiting Thursday and Friday. (I unfortunately didn't get any pictures with them this time.)Then yesterday we got a visit from Grandy, my step-dad.

Baby C fell asleep while Grandpa and Grammie were here

Baby C and Grandy 
 Tomorrow we are planning to meet Mimi, my mom, in Marietta for lunch. We'll see how that goes that will be the longest drive with Baby C without Matt. 

  Next Sunday we are head out to Colorado for a week. Matt gets to speak for Campian Academy's week of prayer. The highlight of this trip for me will be, seeing our good friends Nick and Taryn. We don't get to see them often enough. So we'll see how Baby C does in the airport and airplane. It should be exciting.

 Last Thursday was another first for Baby C. He got his first shots. I was so anxious about it before. Because I hate to see my baby hurting. He did great! His check up was great. He is 11 lb 15 oz and 24 inches long. He's growing like a weed. 

He had no idea what was about to happen.

  As far as fitness/training goes... I'm still trying to get out there. I ran twice last week. It's been kinda fun, because I've been able to run with my sweet dog, Maglee. Hopefully this week, I'll get on the trainer. It's been awhile since I was on my road bike. 

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